Welcome Ballard Performing Art Incoming Students

And New Families!


Hello and Welcome New Families to Ballard Performing Arts! 


We are so excited to meet your student musicians and start the school year. While we realize we don’t have all the information about what this particular school year will look like, please be assured that the BPA and Directors are working to keep up with the changes for school, activities, and SPS plans for the fall. While we are making modifications to our fall schedule we are continuing to make plans for all the groups.


Our programs at Ballard High School are unique within the Seattle Public Schools. All four of our directors work as a team and our boosters support all the bands, all the choirs, all the orchestras and the theatre dept. There are more than 15 groups total under the BPA umbrella.

This page is a snapshot of upcoming dates, communication channels, and volunteer opportunities. We will continue to update information on this website as we have it.

Program Fees and Information

Program Fees help to pay for buses, trips, uniforms and other supplies that support the students and the program. 

Here are links to an overview of each program. This FAQ page includes detailed information about each program, fees, uniforms, trips and contact information. 


Band Program Overview           Orchestra  Program Overview           Choir Program Overview


Audition Information


Schedule of the fees for each program 

(You can pay fees by going up to the Payment and Ticket Sale Tab. Create an account to keep track of payments)

Annual Fees for the 2020-21 school year (for band, orchestra or choir): $155.00
Additional Class Fees:

Jazz I = $100 

Jazz II = No Fee

Percussion = $50

Fiddle = $200

Additional Camp Fees: 

Band Camp typically happens during the first weekend back to school. It includes all the Ballard Performing Arts students and is a 2 1/2 day weekend trip designed to create bonds, learn skills before the start of early fall activities at BHS and have some fun. Typically there are some fees associated with the trip. A family will usually hear about Band Camp during the summer months, with fees due before classes begin in September. More information will be added as it becomes available, and as Covid mandates allow.


The Music directors, together with the Ballard High School Performing Arts Booster Club (BPABC), are committed to providing a high quality experience for all students who wish to participate in Performing Arts activities regardless of financial circumstances.  If you are in need of partial or full assistance with payment fees, we ask that you pay what you can using the Donate button on the Program Fees page for more complete information.. Then, please fill out the Scholarship Form. This confidential form goes only to the directors and the BPA Administrative Assistant. You will be contacted once you fill out a Scholarship form. Any student that wants to be in the music program will have assistance if needed. 


Information on Typical Programs, Events and Fees

Though we are hoping that we will be back in person for the 2021-2022 school year will look like yet, the below information provides a look at what typically happens:


BAND Fall Events - The year typically starts off right away with several marching band dates, including a parade the third weekend of September in Leavenworth and marching band games. BHS Marching Band includes ALL band students. Visit the separate Marching Band FAQ page for more information.


Stay Connected: Web Site, Enews, Social Media, REMIND


Ballard Performing Arts Website


We are working hard to keep this website up-to-date with new information about all the BPAB programs. For more detailed information, download the “Closer Look” documents linked above on this page.  This is where you can find out about auditions, contact the board and directors, make payments and donations, buy tickets for performances, FAQs about uniforms and events, music camp and field trip paperwork, links to weekly newsletters and more.  




If you follow only one communication source, the weekly newsletter is the one, delivered every Tuesday during the school year. Specific and timely information is provided there and updated on the website. Sign up for the newsletter by using this form.

You can find the latest copy of the newsletter under the Communications Tab at the top, under Current Newsletter and archives of past newsletters.

Social Media


Here are the Ballard Performing Arts social media channels:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ballardperformingarts
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BHSMusicDrama
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ballardperformingarts/




We use an app called  REMIND  to keep families and students notified by text of all sorts of information. This easy and convenient app includes event reminders, uniform reminders, notifications about news, locations, arrival/departures. Each fall REMIND codes are updated and distributed to all students and families. We will also list them on the website.  2020-2021 REMIND Codes

Student Directory

Help Ballard Performing Arts communicate with students, parents, and guardians by filling out the confidential Student Directory form for each student in Ballard Performing Arts. Throughout the year, we use this contact information for:

  • performances

  • practice schedules

  • special events

  • trip details

  • meeting dates

  • weekly newsletters

  • fundraisers

  • general information throughout the year. ​


Volunteer Opportunities 


Can you take photos at our concerts? Take notes at our meetings? Work on our newsletter? Would you like to videotape shows? Chaperone students on trips or to football games?  


There are many moving parts to the BPA program to keep students, events, and fundraising on track and we would love help from parents and guardians to keep the wheels moving. We often send out opportunities by newsletter and use Sign Up Genius to recruit volunteers for our annual Dessert Dash, uniform fittings, bake sales, organizing one-off fundraisers. What is your superpower? Our team can use your talent! Contact:  BallardPerformingArts@gmail.com

Visit the Volunteer Opportunity page for a full list.

Contact Us


BPAB has a terrific group of volunteer parents who work closely with the directors to communicate with families in each performing arts group. If you have questions about your student’s specific band, orchestra, choir or theatre group, please feel free to reach out to any of reps listed below:


Band Rep - Carol Cheyne - BPABbandrep@gmail.com

Jazz Band Rep - Mishelle Jin - BPABjazzrep@gmail.com

Choir - Lori & Stuart Onstad -  BPABchoirrep@gmail.com

Orchestra - Page Abrahamson - BPABorchestrarep@gmail.com

Theatre - Bonnie Moses - BPABtheatrerep@gmail.com


Other questions 

Reach out to the Ballard Performing Arts Leadership Team:
Board Co-Presidents:

Rachel Hart Rios  ballardperformingarts@gmail.com

Jeannette Chen bpabpresident@gmail.com

Jill Hansen, treasurer bpabtreasurer@gmail.com

Carol Cheyne, band rep, bpabbandrep@gmail.com

Elizabeth Clyma, secretary, bpabsecretary@gmail.com

Contact the directors

Courtney Rowley, Ballard High School Director of Choirs: chrowley@seattleschools.org

Elizabeth Fortune, Ballard High School Director of Orchestras: eafortune@seattleschools.org
Shawn M. Riley, Ballard High School Theatre Director: smriley@seattleschools.org

Jay Gillespie, Ballard High School Band Director: jrgillespie@seattleschools.org