Volunteer Opportunities

Hello parents! We need help next year to keep our program support running.  Most parents also work full time jobs, but we make it work with the “many hands make light work” philosophy. Join us!


Available positions for 2021-2022 school year:


Spaghetti Dinner Leads

Coordinate and organize the most fun event of the year that involves all the performing arts groups. Work with a friend as a team! Join a group of outstanding parents who procures the food, sells tickets, organizes volunteers, etc. Contact Jeannette at bpabpresident@gmail.com if you’re interested.

To volunteer with Seattle Public Schools, you MUST complete the SPS online process. PLEASE start this process ASAP. Paperwork needs to be filled out and submitted, along with ID and other requirements. It can take up to two weeks for paperwork to be approved. Begin the process at Seattle Public Schools Volunteer Application and Forms to get started or check your status (if you have volunteered before).


Roles Needed for 2022

Would you like to help train for a Group Rep position? Work side-by-side to train with our web editor? Our team is solid this year and at the end of the school year, several of our dedicated and wonderful volunteers will be graduating with their students. We would love to bring new parents on board so they can “shadow” a group rep (band, jazz, orchestra, choir, theatre) and learn how to support the program. Or, work with the web editor to update the site for our community. The goal is to have a new team in place well before the end of the year so that these superheroes can enjoy the last few months with their seniors. Please email Jeannette Chen, BPABPresident@gmail.com if you have interest in any positions that are coming online.

Look for more volunteer opportunities posted in the weekly newsletter throughout the year.