2022-2023 Placement/Auditions Information


Incoming Freshmen - All incoming Freshmen wind players are automatically placed into Concert Band class unless they wish to be considered for symphonic band or wind ensemble. There is no audition necessary to enroll in the Concert Band.


Freshmen audition expectations are below. 


Symphonic band/wind ensemble audition(FRESHMEN):

-Play an etude or piece of music that demonstrates your strengths

-Place a video of you playing it in this drive by June 1st.


Jazz Auditions (FRESHMEN):

-Solo over this Bb Blues backing track https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ae_tBkCqeQ

-Play the melody for Ornithology by Charlie Parker

-Place a video of you playing it in this drive by June 1st.



Incoming Freshman should email Mr. Gillespie at jrgillespie@seattleschools.org if there are additional questions.

All incoming freshmen auditions are due by Wednesday, June 1.


Current Students

Auditions will be held the week of June 6th for students already at Ballard HS. All students playing wind instruments will receive copies of audition music in the next week and will audition during class June 6-9th. Copies of the audition material will also be available on Schoology. 


Percussion Students-

All percussionists should enroll in Percussion Ensemble. No audition is necessary to enroll. However, all percussion students, including freshmen, will be required to audition to determine placings for drumline. In addition to demonstrating double strokes and paradiddles, students will be asked to play from the attached audition materials.  This audition will be held in person after school at 3:30pm on Wednesday, June 8th. If unable to attend this audition students should email Mr. Gillespie at jrgillespie@seattleschools.org ASAP.


Students will need to sign up for audition slots here.


Ballard Jazz Lab Ensemble: No audition is required. All instruments and skill levels are welcome.


Ballard Big Band: Freshman should contact Mr. Gillespie at jrgillespie@seattleschools.org if interested in auditioning for this advanced ensemble. Entries are largely dependent on instrumentation. The audition will consist of scales, improvisation and a jazz standard.


Jazz Band: Auditions, first week of 2022 school year. Check back for more info.


Incoming 9th graders don’t need to audition.  All incoming 9th graders who are sopranos or altos should be enrolled in Treble Choir and all incoming 9th graders who are tenors or basses should be enrolled in Concert Choir.  For any additional questions on auditions, please email Ms. Rowley at chrowley@seattleschools.org.”


Students that want to audition for Symphonic or Chamber Orchestra need to contact me at eafortune@seattleschools.org to set up a time for an online audition (on teams or Zoom).  Students should be prepared to play something of their choice that demonstrates their abilities and also engage in a conversation with me about their skills and experience.  Otherwise, sign up for Concert Orchestra.