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Ballard Performing Arts Boosters Outstanding Volunteer Awards

Golden Note Winners

Golden Note Awards are given to parent and guardian volunteers who have shown exceptional volunteering and support of the Ballard Performing Arts program over the years. Awards are bestowed by the directors, and given at the sprint concert by the corresponding group’s rep. Much like the PTA Golden Acorn award for outstanding volunteer contributions, the Golden Note winner gets a pin.



Amanda Workman - Webmaster

Mishelle Jin - Band Rep

Lori and Steward Onstad - Choir Reps


Connie Olson—secretary

Debbie Anderson—calendar support



Patti Kashiwa—co-president

Felicia Johnson—choir rep

Mara Lim—co-president



Jen Witeck—band rep

Loy Dahl, Barb Bodovinitz, Marie Walker and Karen Williams—band moms



Diane & James Taylor—newsletter, videographer

Sylvia Schweinberger—orchestra rep

Ann Selberg—communications, publicity, president



Mike & Jill Hansen—admin assistant, uniforms, bake sales, candy sales and treasurer (Mike)

Ingrid Riley—band rep

Rebecca Staffel – secretary



John and Deb Loackers—president and secretary

Ed and Kathy Gore 



Peg Radford – president

Ann Lee – secretary and band and jazz support


The Mara Lim Award

Established in 2020, the Mara Lim award is named after Uber-volunteer and longtime president of the BPA Boosters Club during an 8 year run. This award is given to a volunteer who made contributions above and beyond expectations during the current school year.

Russell and Carol Laurier

Amanda Workman—website editor

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