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63rd Annual Spaghetti Dinner

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We Did It!

63rd Annual Spaghetti Dinner

Someday We’ll Be Together
Thank you! 
Your generosity at this year's dinner helped us to raise nearly
$10,000 for the Ballard Performing Arts students. 
~90 dinner kits were purchased by families.
~ 56 dinners went to the Ballard Food Bank
~ 40 Bottles of wine were grabbed
~ 30 Desserts dashed off  

And, $3,000 was donated during the show through the text-to-give app.
We cannot possibly do what WE do without support from YOU
Thank you. 
The Spaghetti Dinner 2022 Team

The Spaghetti Dinner performance will be posted to our YouTube channel
in the next few days to be shared and enjoyed. 
If you missed out or feel compelled to put us over the top of our $10k goal:
Text: SpaghettiDinner 2022
To: 44321


Saturday, February 12, 7 p.m.  Livestream

Livestream Show via Ballard Performing Arts YouTube Channel

(Students will perform at school)

Performance Order (Times TBA)

ALL GROUPS will perform! The directors are cooking up some truly creative combos and songs and you will not want to miss:

Big Band


Tenor Bass Ensemble

Chamber Choir

Wind Ensemble

Vocal Jazz

Combined Orchestras

Advanced Chorale

Beauty and the Beast Cast

Combined Bands

Concert Choir


About the Spaghetti Dinner


For 63 years the Spaghetti dinner has been a time for the community to come together in one place, share a meal, and best of all, listen to all our fabulous groups! 


Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep this party from happening! Pulling off the full meal deal offered in the past is not possible this year, but we will be supplying Food For the Soul and put on a show worth remembering.


“Some day, We’ll be Together,” is our anthem and we are planning to livestream the event on February 12th from school All Night Long with the students, while families enjoy spaghetti meal kits at home and enjoy the show on YouTube. You will find yourself Dancing in the Streets!  


Just like our fall concerts, the performances will be live-streamed (and available for replay) on YouTube - all live! Thanks to our fall fundraising, this show is free to see. 

The Spaghetti Dinner Kit 

(must order in advance)

Feeds 4: $30 

Dinner kit contains: 

1 lb of uncooked pasta

1 jar of pasta sauce, 

Choice of: 1 lb uncooked ground beef or ground sausage or vegetarian sauce

1 bag of salad

1 loaf of bread

Parmesan cheese

Chocolate bar for a sweet finish

Get started today by ordering your spaghetti dinner kit! 

  1. Go to Spaghetti Dinner Order page (or click the button above)

  2. Select Pasta Meal Kit then choose either the regular or vegetarian option

  3. Add wine (optional!) for $15 (Grab a bottle when you pick up your meal kit – they are all different!)

  4. Add dessert (optional) for $25. For something really extraordinary, we are baking up some special desserts that you can “dash” over to pick up earlier in the day. Pick up your meal kit early to get first pick of the desserts!

  5. Pick it all up Saturday, Feb. 12 from 11 am to 2 pm. At school (north parking lot)

  6. Tune in at 7 pm and enjoy the show


Donate a meal to the Ballard Food Bank

There are some families who want to contribute and participate by purchasing a dinner kit to donate to the food bank. That option is available.


Mix and match – Donate a meal and pick up dessert and/or wine. 


All options and details to purchase are on our website 



Volunteer to Help with Spaghetti Dinner


Sign Up to Volunteer for Assembling and Distributing Meal Kits 

We need help assembling all the food donations into 200 to-go meal kits on the morning of February 12. Later on the same day, we need help distributing the kits to families for pick up from noon to 2 pm at school. Both are fun opportunities to meet other parents and families in the program. Students can earn Service Learning Hours for helping at the performances, for meal kit assembly and/or distribution.


Sign Up to Bake or Purchase and Donate a Dessert  

We are reimagining the bake sale of past Spaghetti dinners and morphing it into a special “Dash over for a Dessert” add-on.

We need freshly baked desserts or purchased fresh baked items ready for pick up. 

Sign up at our Sign Up Genius


Donate Wine

You can still drop off wine donations for the add-on wine option Jan. 22 between 9:30 and 11 in the north parking lot of BHS. Please use the sign up genius link to let us know you will be donating wine.  If you can’t make it on Saturday, you can also make arrangements with Kris Bulson for pick up.  We are hoping for about 60 bottles of wine (red preferred) in all price ranges over $10/bottle. Contact Kris at



Presented by

Thanks to our Spaghetti Dinner Sponsors who generously donated food for the event:


Grocery Outlet 

Better Meats

Cascioppo Bros

Ballard Market

Essential Baking Co 

Ken’s Market, 

Trader Joe’s, 


And special thanks to Orion Commercial Partners for the incredibly generous donation to underwrite our expenses.    


Please support these businesses!

The BPA community gives a big shout-out to our Spaghetti Dinner donors!  Please show your appreciation by patronizing these generous supporters of Ballard Performing Arts.
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Essential-Baking Logo.jpg
Spaghetti Dinner Kit
Our Sponsors
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