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Who Needs a Mattress?We bet you know someone who does!

You might be surprised to read this but 10% of the population buys a new mattress EVERY YEAR. That means 10% of your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family are going to buy a new mattress this year! Proceeds from the sale go to supporting all the performing arts programs here at Ballard High School! 

How the fundraiser works:

CFSBeds brings the showroom to Ballard HS Gym Sunday May 5th 

  • Customers will be able to test out over 25 brand new, brand name beds in all different styles and feels, just like you would in a mattress store, but right here in the Ballard High School Gym. 

  • The prices offered at this event are well below retail because the mattresses are all ordered directly from the manufacturer!

  • Purchases will be made through CFSBeds. The mattresses are then custom made to order in the size(s) needed. The mattress can be delivered for a fee, or you can pick up your mattress for just a few weeks after the event right here at school. 

  • By shopping at our event on MAY 5th they will get all the same products and services they would through a retail mattress store, save $$$, and support our programs in the process! It’s a WIN-WIN!

Spread the Word!

Not in the market for a new mattress? 

That’s okay! You can still help by spreading the word about this event! If every Ballard Performing Arts family finds one person in the market for a new mattress and gets them to the event, we’ll reach our goal! 

Here are some ways to share the event:

  • Screenshot the included image and text it to all of your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and extended family members.

  • Follow, Like and Share any of our event posts from our Instagram —> @Ballardperformingarts 

  • Go to the Facebook event  that we’ve set up, join, and share with your FB Friends —>

  • Ask people you talk to how they slept last night, then tell them about the event. 

Student Volunteers Needed! 

We need help waving signs to attract the attention of people walking or driving by, you can even wear a mattress costume if you want. We have lots of short shifts available. Text some friends and earn some service hours together!

$5,000+ in One Single Day!

Every purchase made the day of the event supports Ballard Performing Arts; at the end of the event, BPAB will make between 45 and 60% of the net profits! Our goal is to make over $5,000+ in ONE SINGLE DAY, all while providing our community with a fun, stress-free way to buy something they need, save some money, and get a better night’s sleep!

With your help we can make this a huge success for Ballard Performing Arts!

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