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Coffee Sales are on!

Order your favorite coffees from Caffe Appassionato between November 2-16 and support Ballard Performing Arts. For each bag sold, the BPA student you name will earn $6 toward program fees, camps, and trips. Proceeds with no student named will go into the BPA general fund. Funds raised can even be transferred to a younger sibling when a student graduates. Sales without a student name will go to the music ASB account to help with music program support.

There are four delicious blends to choose from (in both drip ground and whole bean):

Arietta Blend - A medium roast with a mellow and smooth flavor. Notes of cardamom, tart, caramel, and undertones of milk chocolate, strawberry, and jasmine.

Tempest Blend - As a bold and strong French roast, it accentuates a dark and full body with a smoky finish. Notes of caramel, toffee, orange, and undertones of raspberry, hazelnut, and cinnamon.

Espresso Blend - A bright and smooth Italian roast. Perfect for silky smooth espresso or robust drip.

Decaffeinated - A French roast that is smooth with a caramel finish. Notes of blackberry, almond, and toffee, and undertones of vanilla, cinnamon, and tangerine.

Coffee Sales will be online on SchoolPay starting November 2nd, and the order deadline will be November 16th. Students will pick up the coffee sold under their name in the lobby at their performing arts winter concerts December 7-9. Please make arrangements to deliver to any others who bought coffee in support of your student.


  • Use this link on SchoolPay to order your favorite coffee from November 2-16:

  • Share this link with friends, family, and neighbors, and include your own special touch to generate sales.

  • An email template is available to assist with sales. This email will be sent to all students.

  • Anyone can be a "guest" for this purchase and no SchoolPay account is required to order.

  • There is a space on the form to add your student's name (for credit). If that space is left blank, the credit will go to the general BPA program.

If you need to make special arrangements for pickup or for any other questions, contact Karen Morse at Thank you!

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