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​Text BETTER2GETHER22 to 44321


Pay by check

Ballard Performing Arts Boosters
PO BOX 17774
Seattle, WA 98127


Pay by PayPal 

Please Give Generously to the Ballard Performing Arts Giving Campaign


What are the basics of a successful performing arts program? Excellent instructors – check. Committed kids and families – check. The most vital, essential part to our success is your support of our programs that include award-winning bands, orchestras, choirs and theatre.

October 20th kicks off our major fall fundraiser… Better Together: Time To Reconnect and Rebuild. This year’s Annual Direct Giving Campaign for Ballard Performing Arts, which runs through November 16, lays the foundation for a return to a full slate of events for the Ballard Performing Arts groups of choir, orchestra, band and theater. 


Our goal is to raise $35,000.

What are We Raising Money for?

We are beyond excited for another year to be fully back in person celebrating our talented actors and musicians. This year we are focusing on reconnecting and rebuilding. And, we need your help!! We are raising funds for scholarships and coaching. 


Trips are back!! A goal of our booster club is to make performing arts available to every student who wants to participate. Many students in the program—and students who want to participate in the program—don’t have funds to pay for fees or trips. We want these programs to be an equitable, enriching and safe place for all kids to express themselves and grow. That is why our scholarships are so valuable to our booster program. 


Our fantastic directors are stepping up efforts to bring in clinicians and specialists to work closely with the student groups to get everyone back into award-winning form. Specialists and coaching make up more than half of the Ballard Performing Arts Booster Club budget.


We will celebrate our successes at the wrap party at Bickerson’s Brewery the night of November 16. With performances from various students and groups, delicious Bahn Mi sandwiches, and so much more, it will be a fun night for everyone.  

But we can’t do all this without help from our families. 

Please donate today!

If each of our 400+ families contributes $75 or more to our campaign, we would raise $30,000. $75 not in your budget? Make a gift that matters to you. Your gift, of any size, will keep the performing arts programs at BHS strong and vibrant. 


There are Four Easy Ways to Give:

Text to Give
  • Text the word BETTER2GETHER22 to 44321 

  • You’ll be sent a link to make your donation

  • Make your donation

Your donations go straight to The Boosters Club bank account and incur minimal processing fees


Donate on our website and pay through PayPal

Monthly giving option is also available!


Pay by check

Ballard Performing Arts Boosters

PO BOX 17774

Seattle, WA 98127

Get a Matching Donation from Your Employer!

Many companies will match donations, some upwards of double the donations or more. Sometimes you have to donate through a special giving portal with your company to get the match. Please contact your employer's HR department to find out if your employer matches donations and if so, how much. If you plan to give this way, please send our treasurer Jill Hansen an email at with a heads up so she can earmark your donation to the direct giving campaign.

Why Do We Need to Raise Funds When I Just Paid my Fees?

We’re glad you asked!

If your student has been involved in music in Seattle Public schools for a while, you’ve always paid a fee to participate in a program and have likely donated to fundraisers as well.

Fees are not part of the Boosters Budget; they are pass-through funds to cover minimal costs:

  • The camp fees simply cover costs of any food, transportation, and additional instructors. 

  • Class fees for Jazz and Fiddlers, etc. also help cover some of the costs for the instructors’ time and music for those specific classes. 

  • The $155 program fee music families pay at the beginning of the year covers the bare minimum for basic state-required music curriculum. Think of it like the fees you pay for science or other classes. The annual program helps to pay for uniforms, tee shirts, festival fees, instrument repair, sheet music, transportation for day field trips, and other supplies that support the students and the program. 


If bare minimum is where our directors stopped, the program would look completely different than it does. No Jazz Band, no Fiddlers, etc. No Masterworks at the winter concerts, choreographers, playwrights, drum coaches or other help. The Ballard Performing Arts program has always delivered a high-quality, award-winning program that has garnered awards and invitations to perform at prestigious music halls and festivals such as Carnegie Hall and Ellington Jazz Festival. 

The Ballard Performing Arts Boosters Club has a target operating budget of $110,000 a year. After nearly two years of playing remotely and partially together, we’re rebuilding the coffers and your giving is more important than ever.

Thank you for your support!

Ballard Performing Arts Boosters is a 501(C)(3) Organization. All donations are tax deductible.


Save the Date of Wed Nov 16 for the Better Together campaign wrap party. 

Nov. 16, 5:30-8:30 p.m.
Bickerson’s Brewery

Please come out to support the students and this program. There will be student performances, and this is a great chance to meet other parents in the program in a casual setting while celebrating students making music together!


It will be a wonderful opportunity to support Ballard Performing Arts because we are Better Together!


Enjoy Performances Featuring Students 

Students sign up here:

Make Your Donations!

Buy a Mystery Grab Bag

For $50 you can “grab” any bag and it will contain a variety of Ballard Performing Arts swag, plus a $25 or more gift card donated by local businesses, and other surprises.

Enter the Raffle

We are pulling together some great stuff for a raffle—do you have something you can contribute? Contact Stay tuned for more details!


Give Directly

Text BETTER2GETHER22 to 44321 to make your donation

Or Donate at

Wondering What to Do for Dinner?

"Pre-Order Bahn Mi Sandwiches and a Bag of Chips for $9.

Interested in helping? We need volunteers for this super fun event! Sign up here:


No need to RSVP, Come as you are—we look forward to seeing you!

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