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Ballard Performing Arts Direct Giving


Hello BPA friends and family,
In lieu of the Spotlight Auction we are running a direct giving campaign to support the needs of Ballard Performing Arts programs. As you may know, the School District only funds Director salaries, and program fees are applicable to specific expenses like sheet music and software.


The BPA Boosters raise money for everything else, from coaching, instruction, and support for extracurricular groups, to administrative costs and much more. While much remains uncertain about this year, we are committed to supporting current and future needs, so that we can make the best of remote learning and performance while we set
the stage for a strong and vibrant return.

Why These Programs Matter

Don’t take our word for it. Hear directly from the students about why these programs mean so much. Thank you for your support of these important programs. 

Where Does the Money Go This Year?

You might wonder: We don’t have uniforms to repair and clean, or trips to take.

So what do we need the money for?

Our directors explain it best in this video:

The biggest expenses this year are:

  • Software and editing for classroom instruction, collaboration and performances such as Greater Tuna and the upcoming Collage Concert. 

  • Coaching, additional instruction time, and private lessons—available to all students, to level the playing field and offer any student resources to hone their craft.

Read more about all of our outstanding coaches and instructors here: BPA Coaches

Thank you for your support!

Ballard Performing Arts Boosters is a 501(C)(3) Organization. All donations are tax deductible.