Student Awards

Student Awards for 2020-2021

Congratulations to all of our students for your resilience this year. These students in particular were selected by the directors for the annual end-of-year awards that were presented at the concerts. 



  • Vocal Music Award of Excellence: Gavin Bradler and Samara Bunn Hartman

  • Outstanding Choral: JJ Benefiel, Connor Fatland, Mercedes Tucker

  • Ella Fitzgerald Vocal Jazz: Gavin Eachus

  • Most Improved: Jacob Bragg



  • Conductor’s Award: Hadley Mollman

  • Dedication Award: Kate Sauter

  • National Orchestra Award: Evan Mount

  • Make Music Anyway Award: 5 1/2 Cats (Monse Eckert-Mariscal, Lina McRoberts, Carson Steffens, Colin Dunlap)



  • John Philip Sousa Award: Mercedes Tucker and James Shepherd

  • Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Tarkel Price and David Nicollela

  • Award of Excellence: Paul Basiji, Charles Burns, Ian Semroc

  • Drum Major: Mercedes Tucker, Kat Moen and Mattie Holec

  • Outstanding Freshman: Lydia Blair, Rose Kibelstis, Sadie Kibelstis, 

  • Most Improved: Griffin Chen, Tristan Cheyne

Graduates Holding Diplomas

2021 Senior Salutes!

For the last few weeks of the year, we’ll be, spotlighting the resilient Class of 2021 Ballard Performing Arts seniors who have participated in band, choir, orchestra or theater. 

 Thank you to the seniors who have worked hard to be part of our school’s rich performing arts tradition over the last four years. Your contributions will remain part of our legacy. 

Read about their favorite memories, plans after graduation and more.