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Marching Band


Leavenworth Parade Info


The Award-Winning Ballard High School Marching Band is the largest marching band in all of Seattle Public Schools and is recognized throughout the Northwest and beyond for its excellence in music making and its precision in marching.  The band is comprised of all students in the Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble and Percussion classes.  It won 1st Place at the 2016 Autumn Leaf Festival Parade in Leavenworth and has won numerous other awards and accolades at parades in Wenatchee, Victoria, Disneyland, and Seattle. 


The band has also been featured in a local commercial for Bartell Drugs. 

The Marching Band performs at home football games and basketball games, 1-2 parades, and at pep assemblies and community events throughout the year. Its highly energetic and entertaining halftime show at the Homecoming football game is not to be missed!


Watch the video of Ballard's Marching Band performing at the 2012-13 Homecoming game.


The award-winning Marching Band is a highly energetic and entertaining group that consists of all students in Percussion, Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band classes. It also supports the greater BHS community by performing at home football and basketball games and representing the school at parades throughout the Northwest.

With over 170 students, the Boosters need parent help with uniform check in, check out, and at the game!  Donations of bottled water are also greatly appreciated.  

Please email the band rep if you have questions. 


Practice and game participation is mandatory and is part of a student’s grade.If you have a conflict, please talk to your director.


●  The current year’s times and dates for practices and games will be announced through e-news and on the BPA calendar on the Ballard Performing Arts website,

●  Most games are between the hours of 5 and 11 pm.

●  Call Time is when the student needs to be at BHS. This is usually approximately 1-1/2 hours before the football game begins. Games start at either 5:00 pm or 7:45 pm and last about 2.5 hours. Sometimes they run long.

●  There is an intensive weekend long “band camp” the first weekend after school starts where students learn the basics of marching, as well as much of the music that will be played at football and basketball games.

●  There are about 2-3 practices after school during the fall and at least 3-4 football games to play at (in the stands, not marching), and 1-2 parades each year. The marching band only performs on the field at the Homecoming game. 


●  Practices are at BHS.

●  Games are at Memorial Stadium, 401 5th Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109.

●  Students should arrive at BHS at appointed Call Time and put on uniforms before games.


●  School buses are provided as transportation from BHS to Memorial Stadium and back to BHS.

●  Students must ride the bus with the band. To and from the game. Parents and friends can meet students at the stadium.

How much?

●  All band students must purchase an ASB card at the school activities office by the cafeteria.

●  Band students do not need to pay to get into the games where they perform.

●  Students do not need to bring their ASB cards with them to the games.

●  Volunteer adults who ride on the bus with students also do not have to pay admission.

●  Admission is charged for all others to attend and CASH ONLY is accepted. No credit cards. Lines are long, get there early!

●  Parking for parents/family/friends is available for a fee in the lot in front of the stadium.


●  Students need to be wearing their black band t-shirt and long black socks with their marching band uniforms.

●  Hair must be worn up and tucked into the hat. No jewelry besides stud earrings, no face paint or temporary tattoos. 

●  Marching Band uniforms are stored at BHS. Students change at school before and after each event. Students wear their full marching band uniforms whenever they perform. They should leave the school in full uniform and return to the school in full uniform.

●  Some students like to wear shorts or leggings for speed and modesty while changing.

●  The Band has their own section in the stands, separate from other students and parents. There are many parent volunteers there to supervise and assist. Non-band students are not allowed in the Band section of the stadium.

●  The band plays in the stands at all home football games at Memorial Stadium.

●  The Homecoming Game is the only time the band marches on the field. Do not miss this show!

●  Games often start late and end past estimated time. A 7:45 game start may mean the students are not back until 10:30 or 11 pm. Plan with your student to call/text you for pick-up when they are on the bus headed back to BHS.

●  Student may either eat beforehand or buy food at the concessions stand at the stadium. No ketchup, mustard, chili, liquid cheese or drinks with any coloring are allowed. Any stains from eating need to be dry cleaned at student’s own expense.

●  If a game starts late, the band members are to wait outside of the stands in the concourse until the game is over and the previous school’s band has left the stands.

●  Upon returning to school, students need to change out of marching uniforms and hang them up properly before going home. Properly means pants and jacket on hanger, shoes, gloves and hat in garment bag and the bag zipped up.

●  Seniors get to check in their uniforms first! After the seniors, all other band members line up for check in.

Please email the band parent rep if you have questions. 

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