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Give Big to BPA on May 4— There is No Music Without “U” 


Sure, it’s corny to say, but it is true. You – parents and community supporters are what make the music possible. Literally. With your help, we purchase music, hire coaches and provide the foundation our fantastic arts programs. GiveBig is right around the corner and we need your help to raise $5,000 (or more if we can).

GiveBig is one the biggest community fundraising drives in the nation.


There are two ways we can have a successful drive:
  • First, please make a gift to support the BPA program. You can do that here.

  • Second, share our BPA page on your socials – getting the word out on Facebook and Twitter. It’s a great way to easily get the word out to a broader community.


Ready for the next step? We need your help getting the word out. Please set up your own GiveBig fundraising page! Your personal emails to friends, family and potential supporters will cut through the digital clutter in their in-boxes. There is a space to share a personal story about why the performing arts matter to you and your family.

Struggling to put that into words? Here are a couple of ideas for you!

"I am a proud band mom. And not just because I love the band, the kids and the music. I love seeing how being in band has grown my son’s world view. He’s been introduced to new ideas and concepts through music and it’s been a joy to see his confidence grow as he learns in a way that hits a different learning center. At Ballard High School, we are lucky to have an incredible performing arts program and we need support to keep it going. Please make a gift to help me reach my $XX goal."

"Once upon a time, there was a kid in my house nervous about entering High School. But, one class he didn’t worry about was band. It was a safe space where he knew he’d see friends and was comfortable letting his light shine. It’s the space he made new friends and connected with folks across the Freshman/Upper class-men divide. It’s a place he found a home. If you want to help kids across grades and groups find a safe space, please make a gift to support the BPA program and help me reach my goal of $XXX."


Your story is the most powerful story you can tell. Your community knows you and your family and would love to hear why the BPA programs matter to you.

What are we raising money for?


The kids haven’t been in school. Why does the program need money this year? 

We know it feels like not a lot is going on, but the directors and the BPAB have been working hard to secure interesting learning opportunities and performance options for our students during the 2020-2021 school year. Much of this has had a price tag that is not supported by the school district funding, as the district only funds the salaries of our directors. 


Everything else is paid for by funds raised by the Ballard Performing Arts boosters or through program or trip fees or other fundraisers or grants that support our program.

  • Program fees go to cover the cost of sheet music, instrument repair, day to day support,.etc.

  • BPA Boosters raise the rest

While we didn’t take trips this past year (the majority of which parents pay for or students fund with their individual fundraisers),  we did incur expenses we didn't normally have this year. The bulk of our expenses have gone to:

  • Purchase of Upbeat licenses for students and faculty to better enable musical  collaboration 

  • Additional video and sound editing for the Collage Concert and end of year concerts.

  • More time than usual with additional instructors and guest clinicians for all the groups Jazz, Unity and Community program leaders to keep the kids engaged and gaining deeper appreciation of various cultural aspects of music.


We did not meet our fall fundraising goals, and we weren’t able to host our annual Spotlight dinner fundraiser, or the yearly mattress sale,  so the GiveBig final fundraiser is more important than ever to ensure we cover this year’s costs and are able to start next year on a positive note for all of our programs. 

Most importantly, we want to make sure we can continue to support any student who wants to participate in the music program regardless of their financial circumstances through our scholarships. The Music directors, together with the Ballard High School Performing Arts Booster Club (BPAB), are committed to providing a high quality experience for all students.  We help pay partial or full program fees, for example, or provide instruments for students unable to access one on their own.  Your generous donation will help continue to make it possible for all students to be a part of our performing arts community, and to provide the best experience possible for all of our artists.

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