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Choir Fees

Please note, BPA is using a new payment provider, please see below for important screenshots on the new process.

Zeffy is our new payment partner and using this platform will save us over $4000 a year in fees.  They do this by asking all customers to donate to their platform.  You can opt out of this 'donation' by following the steps below:

Click here

Click here

SCHOLARSHIPS: Use this confidential  online Google Scholarship Form (downloadable & print copy HERE) for additional support. Any student that wants to be in the music program will have assistance if needed. 

Only Adv Chorale and Concert Choir

Removing Zeffy donation

1. When you see the Summary box, note the 'Add a contribution" line and dropdown highlighted below

2. Click on the dropdown arrow and choose 'Other"

3. Set Contribution to '0'

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