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Choir Updates

Treble Choir Field Trip

The rain couldn’t stop them! Congratulations to Treble Choir for a wonderful singing tour of Seattle. One of their stops was at Merrill Gardens. A resident there said it was the most positive thing that had happened there in three years and wanted to make a donation to Ballard Performing Arts! Pike Place Market was a hit with the students; they really enjoyed themselves. A special thank you to all the parent driver volunteers. We couldn’t have done this without you!

Vocal Jazz Solo Night The Black Box Theater was filled with amazing jazz music. The Ev Stern trio performed and accompanied all the soloists. And we had a special treat from Mr. Nguyen, who played a jazz piano solo. Thank you Vocal Jazz students for your hard work and dedication to jazz.

Graduation Wednesday, June 15, 8 pm at Memorial Stadium; 7 pm call time for Advanced Chorale and Concert Choir. Come in uniform. Bring a change of clothes and more comfortable shoes to change into after the ceremony. Please also bring your garment bag and hanger to turn in with your uniform after the performance. Seniors will perform in their cap and gown. Ballard Performing Arts Scholarship from the Norwegian Ladies Chorus On June 5th, the annual Norwegian Ladies Chorus fundraising auction was held at the Leif Erikson Hall in Ballard. During the auction, a $1000 scholarship was presented to Ballard Performing Arts. We sincerely thank the Norwegian Ladies Chorus for their ongoing support of Ballard Performing Arts. In addition to the generous gift, the Tenor Bass Quartet performed to showcase the program at the dinner.

Vocal Jazz and Band at Ballard FC Congratulations to Vocal Jazz and many of the BHS Band students who performed at Ballard FC’s match on Friday. Vocal Jazz sang the national anthem and the Drumline performed at halftime. As supporters were leaving the match, the Brass Band performed as well. Thank you to all the performers for making the event special. NY Trip Refunds for Seniors We are very happy to announce that we have reached an agreement with our travel partner Sechrist Travel, and they will be sending us a refund check to cover senior students and chaperones shortly. Jill and Mike Hansen (BPAB Treasurers) will be mailing checks to your home addresses as soon as we have the funds from the travel agent. It’s been a difficult road to navigate, and we thank you immensely for your patience and understanding as we’ve navigated this challenging situation!

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