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Vocal Jazz, Ballard Drumline and Brass Band at Home Opener for Ballard FC on June 10

Ballard FC will host the Ballard Drumline and the Brass Band on June 10th at the Interbay Stadium. Ballard’s Vocal Jazz will sing the national anthem; Drumline will perform at half-time; and the Brass Band will finish up the show with a performance after the game. Parking will be extremely limited and students/families are encouraged to use public transportation if possible. Ballard High School graduates Sam Zisette (trumpet player) and Chris Kaimmer co-founded the team. Come cheer them on for what could potentially be a regular gig for the drumline.

Ticket Information

The game is sold out--however, there will be 30 tickets total available for Ballard Performing Arts families--one per student. Please sign up for a ticket at this signup genius, and be sure to name your student. Any Extras will be announced after tickets are claimed.


The final jazz band and vocal jazz concert will be at the Royal Room on Tuesday, 5/31 at 7 pm. The call time is early at 5 pm. Dress code is concert black.


The final band concert will be at the school on Wednesday, 6/1 at 7:30 pm. There will be a quick after school rehearsal at 2:30 pm. The call time is 6:45 pm. Dress code is concert black (the formal concert wear from school).


The Brass Band will perform for the Bellevue Jazz & Blues Music Series at the Bellevue Art Museum on Sunday, 6/5 at 11 am. Call time is 10:30 am. Dress in black band shirts and dark slacks.

The Brass Band will also play at Honkfest that same day, 6/5, at Yester Park at 2 p.m.

Families are responsible for their own transportation to the trip but can arrange personal carpools


Non-senior Wind Ensemble and Percussion students will be playing at the graduation ceremony on Wednesday, 6/15 at 8 pm. Dress is concert black (same formal concert wear from school). Students should keep their concert black formal wear until after this event.

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