At-Home Learning Opportunities

Dear Families,
We hope that you are healthy and coping the best you can during these difficult times. We know there are questions about trip refunds. We want to reassure you we have been in frequent contact with our travel agents. They are working hard, yet as you can imagine they’re working on many trips. Refunds are a moving target as there are changes everyday. Airline and hotel policies are shifting the further we move into this crisis. Some festivals are being cancelled, but that means there is additional work figuring out how they will handle refunds and at what percentage. 

Starting two weeks ago we started working with district to get a letter from the superintendent, which we were finally able to secure last week. Travel agents were requesting this to use as leverage with some of the companies. We continue to be hopeful for the best possible outcomes. Unfortunately, it takes time to work out. Please know that we are continuing to work on it. 

Stay healthy, and we look forward to seeing you all as soon as it’s safe and possible.
Courtney, Beth, and Michael

Letter from our Directors