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“Buy” a seat in the Performing Arts Center for $50 and we will place a plaque with your name on the arm. You can use the opportunity to remember a loved one, print
a favorite verse or name of a performer, or simply mark your thoughtfulness. These funds will contribute significantly to the Ballard High School theatre. 400 seats are available. Don’t be left standing ...
choose your seat today.

Explore gender-politics, love, violence, and migration in Big Love

Broach several of today's most relevant cultural questions in Ballard High School Playmakers' new production of the seriocomedy Big Love. Inspired by a classic Greek tragedy, Big Love follows the tale of 49 Greek brides who have fled to Italy to avoid marrying their cousins. The grooms soon follow ready to claim what they consider theirs. You won't want to miss what happens next! Get to know the cast BIG LOVE Castlist

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