Concert Choir and Advanced Chorale

Southern California trip for Concert Choir and Advanced Chorale: 

Concert Choir and Advanced Chorale: April 19-22, 2018. The choirs will participate in the Choir of America Festival for Choirs - West Division in Newport Beach, which includes an onstage performance, adjudication, extended clinic, school exchange, and evening concert. In addition, students will visit Santa Monica and spend two days in Disneyland/California Adventure, with an additional Disney Performing Arts performance in the park.

Please turn in the attached flyer and a $250 deposit. 

Orchestra NYC Payment

Chamber Orchestra to Lincoln Center:  Updated itinerary attached! The first and second payments for New York are now past due. Please email Ms. Newell with questions about your trip balance.  

Wind Ensemble

Second Whistler Payment: 

Urgent Call for Whistler Chaperones: To ensure the Wind Ensemble's Whistler trip will happen, we need either two males or one couple to volunteer by Wednesday, November 22nd. The expected cost for chaperones is $450, which includes transportation, three nights at the Hilton Whistler, three breakfasts, two dinners, festival admission and all group activities. This is a fun destination and a great deal. You will have some free time and chaperone duties are simple: help students be on time to scheduled activities, complete room checks at night, and help students or Mr. James as needed. Please contact Jen Witeck with questions or to volunteer.

Whistler Festival Payment Due! The second payment of $200 for students and $150 for chaperones is due November 16th.  Every musician - including scholarship recipients - must make a payment. Pay through their personal student account funds, a check made payable to BPA, or online.

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