Concert Choir and Advanced Chorale

Southern California trip for Concert Choir and Advanced Chorale: 

Concert Choir and Advanced Chorale: April 19-22, 2018. The choirs will participate in the Choir of America Festival for Choirs - West Division in Newport Beach, which includes an onstage performance, adjudication, extended clinic, school exchange, and evening concert. In addition, students will visit Santa Monica and spend two days in Disneyland/California Adventure, with an additional Disney Performing Arts performance in the park.

The second payment of $250 is due January 5th.  The  final payment is due March 1st, amount TBD.

Chamber Orchestra to NYC: Please see the updated itinerary

The final trip payment of $500 is due on Wednesday, January 17th.  If you have questions regarding your final payment, please email Debbie Anderson or Ms. Newell.  Please note the additional fee for online payments. 

NYC Chaperone meeting on Wednesday, February 7th from 6pm - 7pm in the music room.

For additional National Orchestra Cup tickets at Lincoln Center Saturday, March 4th, contact Teina Woodburn.


Wind Ensemble

Third Whistler Payment: 

The 3rd/final student payment $177.00 is due 1/18/18.

The 3rd/final chaperone payment $150.00 due 1/18/18.

Please contact Jen Witeck with questions.  Payments can be made through personal student account funds, a check made payable to BPA, or online.

Urgent Wind Ensemble News...Male Chaperones Still Needed!
The Wind Ensemble is fortunate to be nationally-known and invited to attend prestigious events.  Our attendance at these events is made possible with the support of parents and guardians who volunteer their time to travel with the band to keep our musicians safe and in compliance with strict District guidelines.  As of today, we do not have enough male chaperones to attend either the WMEA Conference in Yakima, or the Whistler Festival.  Can YOU help fill the specific needs below?

Yakima:  4 Male Chaperones -or- 2 Male Chaperones and 1 Married Couple (No Cost to attend)

Whistler: 2 Male Chaperones -or- 1 Married Couple ($450 / Person to attend)

In addition, there are a large number of WE members who are behind on Whistler payments.  Every student - whether you received a scholarship or not - must make a payment immediately to ensure your participation on this trip.  Payments may be made through ASB student fundraising accounts, check made payable to BPA or online Here.  

New Credit Card Fees

Due to updates in the process of collecting credit card fees, the following changes will be made: Those who choose to pay online for TRIPS will now also pay the credit card processing fees. This change will begin with any current trip payments announced after December 1st. There will be no processing fees charged to those who wish to pay by check. If you have any questions, please email

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